Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yahoo SUCKS less now (part 3)

24 hours after all that craziness and after not getting any reply back from Yahoo, it looks like the emails are going through now.

Bellow is the email that I send to Yahoo:

It takes you 27 hours to send me back a FORM?

The IP mentioned is the new IP for my mail server! A server that has been running since 1996, and has never been black listed for any reason.

Your questions are totally retarted! Why send emails to yahoo users? Because thats where people, including ME, have email addresses!

Blocking mail servers for SPAM, I understand! But blocking servers for NO REASON, I am sure will be an interesting case for lawers and the media!

I do NOT send SPAM!
I do NOT allow mail relaying!
I am NOT blacklisted by anyone!
I DO expect you to treat my mail server as the legit server that it is!


At 12:30 PM , Anonymous gattogrosso said...

what's 27 hours out of 10 years?

too damn much, I know! :D


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