Monday, March 20, 2006

Howto use your XV6600 as a modem on MacOS X

About a year ago I posted this. Although this was working fine with MacOS X 10.3, when 10.4 was released was totally broken!
Currently, after afew updates from Apple, it kind of works but you may have to to remove and reinstall the Bluetooth "network port" every time you want to reconnect. I will post about it again as soon as Apple fixes everything and/or I find a way to automate the whole process.

Alot of people are emailing me about it, so here is the post again:

USB vs Bluetooth
On the upside:
# With Bluetooth you don't need any wires.
On the downside:
# Bluetooth is slower; expect to get about 200Kbps max.
# Bluetooth will eat up you battery really fast
Unfortunately there is no MacOSX USB driver for the xv6600 available. (If you know of one let me know)
The Missing Sync may help, I ll give it try the next few days.


Before you start:
Download wmodem from here Install it on your xv600. Read the documentation etc.
Download the Verizon Wireless modem driver, unzip it and copy the file "Verizon Wireless" in /Library/Modem Scripts

Under Applications->Utilities select Bluetooth Serial Utility
Click on New
Name: xv6600-bt (seams like a good name)
Select Port direction: Outgoing
Click on Select Device
Select Pocket_PC -> Dial-up Networking
Check Require Authentication
Check Require Encryption
Check Show in Network Preferences
Select Port Type: Modem
Close the Bluetooth Serial Utility

Select Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Network
Will give a message that a new port was found etc...
just agree and click on Apply Now
Select Show: xv6600-bt
Under the PPP tab
Service Provider:
Verizon Wireless
Account Name:
(where XXXXXXXXXX your phone number)
Password: vzw
Telephone Number: #777

Under the Modem tab
Select Modem: Verizon Wireless
Disable Wait for dial tone before dialing
Click on Apply Now

To connect, first run the wmodem on your xv6600 and sellect bluetooth. Then just click Connect on you Mac.


Manos Megagiannis


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