Friday, March 24, 2006

WTC Videos

Over the years there is a lot of talk about the WTC attacks and the videos about them.
Many make references to my videos. The latest one is:

An Extremely Good Fake?

Here is the story behind my videos:

The distance is about 6 miles, (according to Google Earth), recorded using a Sony PC1.
After I got a call from a friend of mine about the first plane, I started filming from inside my apartment.
To get a bit better view I went to the roof of the building, and the moment I pointed the camera to the WTC and started recording, without even realizing it I captured the second plane hitting the tower. Actually if you see the original tape you will notice that I move the camera so I can confirm with my own eyes the explosion that I saw through the viewfinder.
The rest is just very basic digital zoom (very amateurish I admit).
The woman's voice, was some tenant in the same building.

The videos have NOT being edited to make the plane disappear or anything like that (as some claim).
One of these days, if I find some free time I may go back to the master and re-master the video.

Manos Megagiannis


At 10:31 PM , Blogger Daniel Plesse said...

So you were too late to record the plane flying around the bay?


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