Monday, March 27, 2006

Introducing MyVoiceGreeting, a technology enabling and empowering users to send a personalized audio message along with a greeting card. Users can choose from a selection of pre-designed cards, or they can upload their own photos and artwork.

How it works

With a MyVoiceGreeting account in place:
1. Upload a card or select one that is ready made.
2. Enter the recipient's email address and write a short message.
3. Dial the phone number displayed on the screen, from any phone, and record your VoiceGreeting.
Upon completion, an email is sent to the recipient along with a link to both the card and the recorded greeting.

Market Need/Benefits

Online greeting cards CAN be creative. Up to now they have NOT. MyVoiceGreeting wants to change all that. Enabling users to send photos and cards along with their voice. Adding an unheard level of intimacy in the unimaginative world of pre-fab greeting cards.

Telepohone vs Microphone

Although computers these days come equipped with soundcards capable of recording audio, many do not include a microphone. And even when they do, it is still a challenge for the average user to successfully make a clean recording. However, leaving a recorded message using a telephone just feels natural… That’s what MyVoiceGreeting is banking on.

The Technology

MyVoiceGreeting pioneers the seamless integration of voice and data communications, at the telephone switch level with a web API (Application Programming Interface). Thus the platform is highly customizable across different industries. Developed to integrate and improve upon products and services, at the application level, where intimacy and personalization will set them apart from the competition.

Usage scenarios

Photo blogging
Invitation services
Dating sites
VIP customer service


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