Monday, May 01, 2006

Changing the Voice Codec on the XV6700

Since your phone is digital, it uses a codec to determine how the voice data is compressed to digital. 13k (Qualcomm's Purevoice) is the highest voice rate. EVRC (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec) benefits the carriers because it uses a reduced rate, which means less bits to stream, more calls to go around. EVRC is supposed to sound as good as 13k, but most haven't experienced this to be true.

How to change Voice Codec from EVRC to 13k on the xv6700

- First dial ##778
- Tap on "Edit"
- Enter Unlock Code 000000
- Tap on arrow to upper left hand of screen to reveal drop down menu where it says "Display"
- Select "CDMA Settings"
- Click and hold on the "EVRC Enabled" line under the Settings column
- Select "Edit"
- Switch to "Disabled"
- Then press "ok"
- Click and hold on the "Home Page" line under the Settings column
- Select "Edit"
- Switch to "Voice 13k"
Repeat for "Home Orig" and "Roam Orig"

Manos Megagiannis


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