Monday, May 01, 2006

Registry hacks for the XV6700

You will need a registry editor for that. I use the one that comes with the Resco Explorer, but you can use any registry editor. You may want to take a look at "PHM Regedit"

Speed Up Your PocketPC
1. In the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\
2. Change the value of 'limit' from 8192 to 32768
3. Close registry editor and soft reset.

Enable WIFI & Phone to work at same time
1. In the registry editor go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SERVICES\WirelessMGR
2. Edit the key called mutexflag change the value from 1 to 0
3. Accept the changes, close the program, and WAIT 5 minutes or so.
4. Soft reset

Enabling network time synchronization
2. change HiddenTimeSync Page to 0
3. Soft reset
4. Go into Settings > Phone > Services > Time Synchronization > get settings and enable network synchronization.

Manos Megagiannis

Enabling Dial Up Networking on XV6700

1. Go to the PHONE application
2. typed in ##3328873
3. then hit send
4. screen pops up with a Please Enter Unlock Code and a white box
5. enter code 000000
6. new window pops up Named "ESPT"
7. There are two options that read diabled Enable WModem and BT DUN
8. Highlight the the first item then click edit on the bottom
9 Choose enable
10 Hlight the the second item BT DUN then click edit on the bottom
11. Choose enable
7. Push Save / OK
8. Push Ok
9. follow the prompt to restart your device

BTW wmodem is now pre-installed on the xv6700. It is hidden in the windows directory. You may want to make a sortcut to it.
I got my XV6700 to work as a wireless modem on windows and on MacOS-X. Instruction comming up in a new post the next couple of days

Manos Megagiannis

Changing the Voice Codec on the XV6700

Since your phone is digital, it uses a codec to determine how the voice data is compressed to digital. 13k (Qualcomm's Purevoice) is the highest voice rate. EVRC (Enhanced Variable Rate Codec) benefits the carriers because it uses a reduced rate, which means less bits to stream, more calls to go around. EVRC is supposed to sound as good as 13k, but most haven't experienced this to be true.

How to change Voice Codec from EVRC to 13k on the xv6700

- First dial ##778
- Tap on "Edit"
- Enter Unlock Code 000000
- Tap on arrow to upper left hand of screen to reveal drop down menu where it says "Display"
- Select "CDMA Settings"
- Click and hold on the "EVRC Enabled" line under the Settings column
- Select "Edit"
- Switch to "Disabled"
- Then press "ok"
- Click and hold on the "Home Page" line under the Settings column
- Select "Edit"
- Switch to "Voice 13k"
Repeat for "Home Orig" and "Roam Orig"

Manos Megagiannis

Hard reset for the XV6700

You WILL lose all your added software and data.
You may need tree hands to do it!

- Hold the two - buttons to the left and right of the windows
- Press and hold the ok button
- And then press the reset button with the stylus.
Then press Y for yes to hard reset and restore it back to factory.
You don't have to provision the phone with your cell company. You WILL lose all your added software and data.

One of these days, I would love to meet the person that come up with stuff like that!

Manos Megagiannis

XV6700 from Verizon Wireless

After over a year of using the XV6600, i figured that it was time to upgrade my cell phone to the XV6700.

First impression:
- Smaller (5.2H x 2.32W x 0.93D)
- Smaller screen
- Buttons look differant and are moved to the lower part of the phone
- Built-in WiFi
- New version of Windows Mobile (WM5)
- Faster Processor (416 MHz Intel PXA 270 XScale)
- Bigger keyboard sliding on the side
- Built in 1.3Mpix camera with flash
- Mini SD slot

Starting to use it:
- The new GUI of WM5 getting some getting used to it but it looks more functional (once you get used to it) (+)
- The new button location is very user friendly. A bit small if your fingers are like sausages, but I can live with it. (+)
- Althoug the screen is smaller, the quality is really good! The problem is that pressing the screen using your fingers.... not really happening anymore. And that was very usefull for dialing number quickly, without taking out the stylus. (-)
- I love the new, bigger keyboard! (too bad it's still missing the CTRL and ESC buttons, so I can actually use it for SSHing easyer) (+)
- Turning on the WiFi, turns off the phone connection! Who came up with THAT brilliant idea? (-)
- Running vbar crashes the phone, and had to hard reset and reinstall. I love that utility. I am going to miss it. (-)
- Upgrading to ActiveSync 4.1 and getting it to work with Outlook was a challenge. Actually had to remove and reinstall Outlook!!! Only MicroSoft...!!! (-)
- The camera is better than most phones. Not 100% yet, but getting there (+)
- The Xten-Pro software for VOIP actually works now (+)
- It does not come with a beltclip case. (Thankfully, it fits perfectly on my old case for a P800) (-)

The XV6700 out of the box, is significantly improved and definatly a nice PDA/phone. After spending a whole day hacking, I got it to do be everything I deamed off, and it became a perfect phone. Definatly the best phone on the market, but you have to hack it to take it to that level. I hope, next time the manufacturer will be nice enough to have it configured right from the factory.

Manos Megagiannis