Monday, May 01, 2006

Enabling Dial Up Networking on XV6700

1. Go to the PHONE application
2. typed in ##3328873
3. then hit send
4. screen pops up with a Please Enter Unlock Code and a white box
5. enter code 000000
6. new window pops up Named "ESPT"
7. There are two options that read diabled Enable WModem and BT DUN
8. Highlight the the first item then click edit on the bottom
9 Choose enable
10 Hlight the the second item BT DUN then click edit on the bottom
11. Choose enable
7. Push Save / OK
8. Push Ok
9. follow the prompt to restart your device

BTW wmodem is now pre-installed on the xv6700. It is hidden in the windows directory. You may want to make a sortcut to it.
I got my XV6700 to work as a wireless modem on windows and on MacOS-X. Instruction comming up in a new post the next couple of days

Manos Megagiannis


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