Sunday, June 25, 2006

XV6700 update and DUN

There is alot of talk about the new software update from Verizon Wireless for the XV6700 and if the DUN is going to work. I am happy to report that it work fine!
- Started the wmodem application (still hidden in the windows directory)
- Connected the USB cable to the computer
- Dialed the #777 connection, same as it was before the update
I was connected, no problem

Manos Megagiannis

XV6700 software update

Verizon Wireless finally released an update for the XV6700.
The nearly 40 MB download will zap your current install so back everything up as there is no way to restore your old ROM install. For the most part, many are reporting easy without-a-hitch installs. However when I was doing my update, somehow the link to my computer got lost, living my phone "briked" displaying only "Serial" when the phone was not connected to the computer and "USB" when it was. Had to restart the upgrade and after the looooong update, everything came back to normal.
One of the features added, is the VoiceDialing (about time). Not the most advanced, but it does the trick.
Also a lock selection was added on the Today screen.

Manos Megagiannis